Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Remodelling a bedroom can be an overwhelming decision. There are many thing you will need to consider such as various designs and bedroom ideas. But CFM Carpentry can make the experience easy and pleasant. Our expert carpenters can transform your bedroom into a beautiful space that should feel like your personal sanctuary.   There are...

Jarrah Tree

Why Jarrah Timber is Popular in CFM Carpentry

Jarrah (botanical name; Eucalyptus Marginata) is a distinct, Australian hardwood renown for its durability, versatility and strength. It’s ideal for different design and structural implementations which make it popular in CFM carpentry. What’s more interesting is the fact that the timber comes in different colors ranging from deep red to a blonde hue.   It’s origin...


Custom Outdoor Furniture to Fit Every Need!

There’s nothing better than enjoying the weather in your very own backyard. However, many of us don’t have this luxury because our backyards leave much to be desired and it can be hard to figure out how to best use the space. Maybe your backyard is small and you’re not sure how to make the...