Custom Outdoor Furniture to Fit Every Need!

There’s nothing better than enjoying the weather in your very own backyard. However, many of us don’t have this luxury because our backyards leave much to be desired and it can be hard to figure out how to best use the space. Maybe your backyard is small and you’re not sure how to make the most of the small space. Maybe your backyard is huge and you are overwhelmed with all the possibilities of what you could do to make it everything you want it to be. Whatever your situation sometimes you need a little outside help to assist you in visualizing how your backyard can go from boring to beautiful!

At CFM Carpentry we can help you visualize the amazing potential you have within your backyard. We can assist you with a project as small as a simple piece of outdoor furniture all the way up to a full backyard renovation. We create high quality custom carpentry pieces that are not only beautiful but also extremely practical. Whether you are looking for something built in that will fit around an existing structure or a piece of furniture that stands alone, we can create something for all your needs.

One piece that we are particularly proud of is this beautiful Merbau timber bench. While the internal structure of this piece is made from treated pine (to cut down on cost) the entire bench is wrapped in Merbau. This timber is known for being extremely durable and is often used in marine applications because it holds up so well to the weather. Not to mention the natural color of Merbau is absolutely gorgeous with no stain at all. All these things make Merbau a great choice for outdoor furniture that is either partially or entirely out in the elements.

This cozy bench was built to fit into a small space in order to create a large amount of seating at a reasonable cost. Before the bench was installed, this was just a drab covered deck barely big enough for 4 chairs and a table. Now it is a beautiful seating area where the satisfied customer can entertain a large group. The wrap around design is perfect for a group of friends to sit around all night long enjoying each others company.

Not to mention that the built in bench is also extremely practical! You can see how much storage this piece of furniture allows. Whether you are looking to store the kids outdoor toys, extra towels for the pool, or maybe even your garden tools, the possibilities are endless with the amount of storage available here.

The owners of this new bench were extremely satisfied with their investment after seeing the final product. After consulting with a carpenter at CFM carpentry about what they envisioned for the space, they were able to see drawings to help them visualize what the the final product would look like. Nothing could prepare them however, for how great their built in outdoor furniture piece came out when it was finished after only a short time.

If you are interested in finding out more about CFM Carpentry, contact them today to find out how they can help you make your backyard everything you ever dreamed it to be!